196 Days 5 Hours 57 Minutes

Martial Arts (Registration opens Dec 2017)

Saturday 2nd June
Price: £40.00 (per person)

Details being finalised. Bookings will be available soon


A brand new sporting category launching at Superhuman Games 2018 !

The martial arts sports take place at the newly for evening events at Superhuman Games. 

The specific martial art sports are yet to be confirmed but for the 2018 games but there will be two sports chosen and we are considering the following;

  1. Brazilian Jiu-jitsun 
  2. Kickboxing 
  3. Muay Thai 
  4. Taekwondo
  5. Karate
  6. Wrestling 

Registration opens in Dec 2017 where the chosen sports will be announced and more specific details will be released.